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SXSW (Day 1)

Austin, Texas. People here say "y'all" a lot and the air tastes like a smoky BBQ. The sun gods have shined upon us on day one of South by Southwest and all bodes well for the upcoming fours days. The list of bands playing could benefit from some cataloguing via the Dewey decimal system, and trying to work out where to be and when is quite the challenge, so I decide early on that the best plan is to watch The Bronx three times in one day. It is a solid plan, a plan with highs + lows, triumph and despair, but it is quite possibly the best plan I have ever made. Ever ever ever.

Shit starts badly. I go to see Future Of The Left and end up crying into my Miller Lite. We get there in time to see what's left of Future Of The Left – the last 30 seconds of the last song. TIMETABLE FAIL. Or more to the point, listening-to-friend-with-conflicting-timetable to one's own FAIL. This is disappointing to say the least. Apparently they were great, but this is only hearsay and innuendo so I can't really be sure. Thanks to the immense schedule over the next few days, they'll play again, and if they don't, I WILL kidnap Colin the pussycat and hold him ransom until they do another show, just for me.


Wavves. Thank you water god, thank you earth god, thank you air god for Wavves. This was the first band proper I watched and holy shit I'm glad it was. Two kids stepped straight out of 1993 and onto the stage to remind all the jaded fuckers just how fun music can be. Did someone give them a Delorian for xmas? Possibly. Front dude Nathan, the one-man music-making juggernaut that is Wavves, is joined by a drummer live, and together they power through a short set that leaves all wanting more. They look like their combined age could be no more than 23, and it feels as though we've just quietly opened Nathan's bedroom door to peer in on him and his mate as they create a ruckus in a quiet suburban home. Lo-fi, yes, low anything else? Hell no. It's high school grunge, a kinda pretty, less snarling, more smiling variety as played out by bored kids with rat's tails. The stripped back kit makes for minimal variation in beats, but they come in nice and fast, simple and spot-on. Nathan up front is destined to be the next poster-child for the High School Musical generation and beyond. He endears himself as soon as he steps up to the mic, unassuming but charismatic. It's a pretty big venue they play in, and seeing the band in a warehouse would be el primo, but they manage to kill it, and even the old industry dudes standing behind me fall in love. Ah.

Then begins The Bronx OmnibusTM. Hardest working band of the day? Fuck yeah.

The Bronx

First up, they smash it at a day party in a lil room that reaches capacity before the band even take the stage. A dude in a bunny suit crowd surfs and shit get suitably messy. A few hours later they brilliantly transform into Mariachi El Bronx, impeccably clad in full mariachi get-up and with some extra members along for the ride. It's nice to actually hear frontman Matt Caughthran's voice, and to see the band morph from mental LA punks into a polite Mexican wedding band. Hours later they're on the same stage again, sans red bow ties and trumpets, but with an even bigger crowd and more dudes going nuts than before. Bodies on the floor, in the air and slamming into anything and everything. It's glorious. Then it's over. The bars all shut at 2am, so there's not much else to do but roam the streets looking for beer, parties and pizza slices that a dude claiming to be from Razorlight described as smelling like arse.

The Bronx

Australian bands that represented on day one included The Boat People (small but appreciative crowd) and The Temper Trap (lotsa people, not their best set but Perez Hilton watched and loved it. Take from that what you will.)

Much more to come, and hopefully a set from this dude who we met on the street. Total legend.

that guy

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you're living the dream, my friend.

please bring me back some bbq. preferably of the king khan variety.

1 decade ago


o0o0o0o i'm gonna get my fitch on.

1 decade ago

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