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Talons + Laura Imbruglia + Atrocities @ Hopetoun Hotel


Talons really need to stop doing such impressive things like releasing an unbelievably good EP and ripping apart shows like they did last Friday night. Everytime they do anything we feel compelled to tell you all about it. These accomplishments are now stacked dizzyingly high and every other day I find myself typing the word 'Talons' and then raving on like a muppet.

With all that said - last Friday, in celebration of the release of their EP, was probably the most intense, tightest and around most solid performance I have ever seen them put in. Ever.

It was the first time in a while I had seen the Hopetoun truly packed out and the band seem to thrive on the back of the responsive crowd as they shredded through all of the tracks off Ducats and a few others in a longer than normal performance. From where I stood the audience appeared well and truly in their grip.

It caps off an impressive year for the Sydney trio who we have seen develop into an incredibly infectious band over the past twelve months. Let's all hope that 2008 sees the band put out a full length release.

On the night they were supported lovingly by Atrocities - who, although I only heard a little bit of, intrigued me with their noise - and Laura Imbruglia who did her normal entertaining set.

Big thanks to Gem for the photo. I left my camera at home in favour of getting mildly shitfaced.

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