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Talons + Regular John + Sacred Stereos @ Annandale Hotel

Firstly, it should be noted that those guys that have that song about 'amphibians' - Children Collide - actually headlined this show. We didn't stick around for them. We heard the opening couple of lines and decided that they still haven't learnt to create songs with decent lyrics and headed for the exit. This review won't mention them in the same way it won't make any mention of Hasselhoff's part in the falling of the Berlin Wall and the role that the political party in charge of the country plays in determining the cost of groceries, petrol and sexual 'devices'.

I arrived in time to catch the second half of Sacred Stereos' set. Their music was a little on the bland side, deciding it best to rehash a dozen or so proven formulas rather than create any distinguishable personality to their sound.

Regular John played roughly 80% louder than any other band on the night or in the history of music. So loud in fact that the line for ear plugs after their opening number was longer than the line for the over-priced beer in plastic glasses.

Their set was enjoyable, they showcased a never-ending array of songs that blended hair metal attitude with cock-rocking power chords. They were entertaining but didn't unleash anything that would make me rush out to see them headline a show in a hurry. Their latest single, Devil's Remedy, was the highlight as the clever blending of the catchier chorus with their believable attitude making it come alive a lot more than their other songs.

Side note: you can listen to their latest single on Episode 42 of our podcast.

Talons were always going to be a fucking awesome experience on Annandale's (better) small side stage. Despite some minor technical issues that involved a guitar exploding and imploding (at the same time) they ripped through a strong 45 minute set like a sharp knife through a half-melted Kinder Surprise. Even some random drunk fucks behind me trying to become my new best friend or the strangeness of a 'pash and dash' within twelve inches of my face couldn't ruin their performance.

PHOTOS!!! Big thanks to Sonny for bustling his muscley self to the front to take these for me.




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