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Polaroids Of Androids


The Marching Room + Papa vs Pretty + Dance With Voices @ Spectrum

Venturing to Kings Cross (the seedy underbelly of Sydney Towne) on a thursday night is an all too adventurous prospect at times, but when there is a sandwich club party going on at Candy's Apartment, it's hard to resist. With a lineup consisting of numerous Australian up and comers, namely The Marching Room, Dance With Voices, Tokyo Blonde, Bird Automatic and Papa vs Pretty, those that ventured down the stairs were sure to be entertained.

The Marching Room headlined, and did a pretty good job of keeping the punters dancing with tracks from the Run Rabbit EP they were launching on the night.

While the songs were pleasantly structured and performed well by the band, one felt that their music was lacking a killer punch, a certain energy that is unquantifiable, but is immediately recognisable in a great band.

The surprise packet of the night was the 'back room' band: Papa vs Pretty.

Amazingly confident and tight for a band with members aged only 15 and 16, and they literally left people gobsmacked after their first 20 or so minute set between bands, opening with a cover of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', and following it up with original rock songs that showed off their prodigious talents.

With oodles of time for them to mature (and to realise that they probably need a name change), these guys are destined for big things in the music industry of the future.

Due to time constraints, the Polaroids of Androids crew had to bail out early, however not before catching a glimpse of Melbourne's Dance with Voices.

Their dancey good-time party vibe rock songs seemed to be doing the trick in picking the audience back up after the post-headline lull. All that cowbell probably helped.

All in all, the night could be considered a pretty good one as far as Thursdays in the big city are concerned. A special thanks goes to the Sandwich Club crew, who I'm sure worked tirelessly to organise the event, and were gracious enough to offer us Androids free entry. Plus, as a bonus, they were all super friendly.

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