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The Mint Chicks + I Heart Hiroshima @ Gaelic Club

We are pretty biased when it comes to The Mint Chicks. Sure we talk about a lot of bands and enjoy a pretty diverse array of talented artists that hail from both locally and abroad. But if we were guilty of being too far up the arse of a particular band it would be them. So when an opportunity to see them with decent support and FREE tickets to boot, it is safe to say we made all sorts of messes in our pants.

The aforementioned support was I Heart Hiroshima, and they put on a pretty impressive and entertaining show. They seemed slightly less edgy and dark than the idea of them I had in my mind, but this was far from a detractor; their accessible yet twisted songs only going to show just how much fun this band is to watch.

But it was New Zealand's finest that we were there to see, and they far from disappointed. Churning through approximately 347 songs from their extensive back catalogue, The Mint Chicks showed the attentive and eager crowd exactly how good music can be. A slightly surprising portion of the show was made up of songs from releases before their latest album, but when all was said and done they got through almost all of their finest material.

The crowd as mentioned was enthusiastic in dancing and moshing away, and only occasionally crossed the line into annoying territory when they got a little close for comfort. The major downer for me personally was an incident involving a rude, obnoxious and inexperienced photographer who broke every rule of gig etiquette by pushing to the front half way through the show, intruding on people's personal space who had waited patiently at the front for a good spot, and then spat empty threats and tried to pull rank with her "access card" when I politely told her how much of an idiot she was being.

Such an incident couldn't ruin a flawless show from The Mint Chicks however. For a free gig the event was well enough organised, and the intrusiveness of the FasterLouder branding and bourbon promo girls was far from as annoying as anticipated. My biggest fear before the event was that the promoters of the aforementioned music website would somehow botch the RSVP processing done through their website, however no such disaster occurred.

The show was great, and we left energised and heartened that good live music is still available here in our town.

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