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The Mint Chicks + Jump 2 Light Speed @ Annandale Hotel

Ok, so The We HEART New Zealand Weekend "officially" kicked off last night, with The Mint Chicks performing at Annandale Hotel.

The Mint Chicks

My sister, while recently browsing through my CD collection, was curious as to why I owned sooo many Mint Chicks CD's.

Well, everything they have done to date, I have enjoyed. They are unique, but not so strange that they alienate their listeners in any way. They are energetic, suprising and not afraid to evolve their sound naturally.

With the release of their latest album, Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! the band has now formed an impressive back catalogue. Another reason I was sooo very excited for this show - they now had the luxury of hand-picking songs from their back catalogue to play.

Ok, and the history lesson is over groundwork has been laid.. about the show..

Supports? Well, I missed Dead China Doll, but saw them last night, and was veeeery impressed with them then, so let"s say they were fucking awesome.

The other support was Jump 2 Light Speed, a side project for Ben Ely from Regurgitator. They are pretty dull and non-eventful. I am sure they appeal to someone. That someone just isn't me, or anyone with ears.

But fact that one of New Zealand's finest bands were playing was the reason the place was full. They were the reason people had said 'fuck Friday productivity at work', squashed themselves into the sweaty pub and forced themselves to drink from the shitty plastic glasses.

And they were awesome.

The Mint Chicks

Front man, Kody, bounced around the stage like an ADD kid on crack (or "ice" as we call it in Australia) looking for things to hit, places to jump from and unique ways to swing his microphone. The rest of the band played incredibly tightly, as they perfectly mixed the new heavier songs with their earlier minimal punk numbers.

Other things..

Some punker threw a bar mat at the frontman, and he chose to wear it as a scarf ..

The drummer was Doogie Howser..

The Mint Chicks

There was some bar walking.. (yeah, he was always going to do it..)

The Mint Chicks

They magnificently finished their set NOT with their latest single, but with "Blue Team Go" - the song that pretty much started them off as a band.

Even the normally awkward crowd vs band banter was fantastic, albeit slightly confusing...

Kody: Yeah, so my brother, Ruben, was born in Sydney [points to Ruben, on guitar]
Guy in crowd: Isn"t it the other way around mate?
Ruben: What you mean? I gave birth to Sydney?
Guy in crowd: Take if off!!
[Ruben takes off one of his shoes and Kody tries to throw it into the crowd, but is stopped by his brother]

The Mint Chicks

Eleven thumbs up.

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The Mint Chicks


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