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The Stabs + Talons + Atrocities @ Spectrum

Talons. Photo by Andrew.

I walked through the doors at Spectrum and almost fell over with the solid mountain of sound that smacked me in the face. The producers of the insanely over-amped noises was Atrocities (Sydney's Loudest Band 2006-2008). Fuck they are loud. Sure, I am an old man. BUT fuck.

Atrocities are a lot like fellow Sydneysiders Circle Pit. Not really in how they sound, but more in the way they are very much hit or miss. With so many members on stage (I think there was about 14 on Saturday night) it's little wonder that sometimes it works and sometimes it falls apart in a heaped mess. Something about too many ugly ladies ruining the brothel. Or something. Their performance on Saturday was definitely a 'hit'. It was brutal. Dragging my weak spirit out of my weak body and finger banging it to death.

In the time between Atrocities and Talons I saw a guy you looked similar to me AND was wearing almost the exact same trendy lame clothes as me. I mean no disrespect to the three bands that I saw perform when I say that it was the highlight of my night. Dopplegangers > everything.

Talons have been laying low over the past few months BUT that doesn't mean they haven't been kinda busy. Bassist Mitch shaved off all his lovely hair (which he informed he is hanging onto. Ebay!!), Christian went to New York and started an arty fondue-based performance group and Ben has been building dams and plugging holes (pun?). They have also been recording their debut album which is due out sometime in 2009 and surely going to at the top of 'best of' lists all over the planet this time next year. FACT.

Their new songs sounded brillyant. The only thing better than the musical output was the orgasmic faces of Christian. He was feeling the music. Maybe too much. Even borderline fans were heard to be saying 'they sounded pretty good' and 'orgasm faces!' after they concluded their 40 minute set.

The Stabs were the main event and like all main events... wait a sec... how good was that game show..??

1991 Larry Emdur!! The very very best kind of Emdur!

The Stabs' performance was easily on par with the early career of Emdur. They destroyed through their set with their lovely trademark balance of chaos and control.

My only (slight) criticism of their performance was that they maybe should have finished things up a couple of songs earlier than what they did. They just seemed to reach their climatic peak and then just kick out a couple of jams because they had a little bit more time. But more Stabs (much like more '91 FRESH Emdur) can never really be looked at as a negative thing. Ear ripping bliss.

It has been far too long Stabbers. Please visit us again soon.

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