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Things we are looking forward to in 2009

On behalf of the internetz, allow me to welcome you to 2009 - only one year away from The Future!

I know we are all disappointed that we don't have hover bikes, hover cars or reliable (hover-based) public transport yet BUT it's not all doom and gloom and there are plenty of exciting things that are going to happen in twenty oh nine.

The 2009 Sydney Festival

This is the reason that the world birthed Sydney in the first place. It's a joyous, special time. The weather is nice and there are plenty of great things going on all around the place.

We put together a bit of a rundown of things that going on a little while back, but for a full run down of the 'goings on' hit up the official site.

Word is that you need to learn a special dance in order to get into the city from January 10 (tomorrow!) onwards. Apparently those that know The Worm can get away with just doing that.

Also, there are FREE pianos all over the city during the festival. Great for improv piano man jokes.

New albums from Die! Die! Die!, Sunset Rubdown, The Mint Chicks, Tucker Bs and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Quintental orgasm! No leakage on the DDD, Rubdown or Casiotone albums yet BUT we have heard a few little sneak peaks from the new Mint Chicks and Tucker Bs records. Both sound mildly incredible.

Talons album is (finally) coming!!

Talons LP

We have got our dirty mits on an advanced (semi-mastered) copy of the album. It's all that... AND some! Prepare for mind explosions!

Dr Dre's Detox

Dr Dre

Aka Hip-hop's Chinese Democracy.

Dr Dre's loooooong awaited follow-up to the (almost classic) 2001 is 'apparently' going to see the light of day 'sometime' in '2009'. Word is that it will be loaded with more guest appearances than a Puff Daddy funded orgy. And be twice as hard. And fourteen times more titillating. Biggie's Small.

Oh.. and.. speaking of Biggie...

Notorious - the Biggie Smalls movie

The only real question is - will everyone stop making movies after this because it will be absolute cinematic perfection? Maybe.

The return of grunge

Some grunge kids (circa June, 2009).

The critical acclaim of No Age's Nouns in 2008 signified the unofficial 'return of punk rock'. Everyone knows that grunge follows punk so it makes sense that the joyous flano deadshit stoner genre comes back in a big way in 2009. PS: fuck disco.

Once again Brisbane is ahead of the curve and 2008 saw the triumphant explosion of 'grungey' newcomers Violent Soho. Did they shoot their load too early? Maybe.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are going to release a new album

The band recently performed a new song live and if it's any indication of what the new album will sound like it would seem as though the group are back on track...

2009 = the year where everyone will once again pretend that Karen O is sex on legs. Blondie?

Lil Wayne will win the Grammy for Album Of The Year

If an album with this cover beats out Coldplay for the award then surely that will signal that the music industry is OFFICIALLY back on track.

The look on the face of the dickheads members of Kings Of Leon when SPOD's Dead beats out Sex On Fire for the number one spot in Triple J's Hottest 100

There is a top secret anarchist hacking plan currently in the works to convert this dream into a reality. But you should still go and vote for SPOD just in case our plan fails and/or we get lazy and don't see it through.

KOL (while probably just sitting around, circle-jerking) will be like "Huh? A song about death beat us? But Triple J never even played that song. They played our song every 4 minutes. Our song was about sex. And fire". Then the minds and hearts of a million 16-year old girls who think Sex On Fire is the best song (since the last time My Chemical Romance released anything) will explode over the insanity.

Ok, maybe that's just wishful thinking. Let's all hold (internet) hands though and pray that KOL don't get the top spot. It matters, right?

On a serious note - can we please stop playing Sex On Fire EVERYWHERE..? It's 2009. Time to move on. Thanks.


So YES they are some of the things we are excited about over the next 12 months. Feel free to drop your own dreams, wishes and inside leg measurements into the comments.

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for a song about sex and fire and sex being on fire, it's a pretty fucking boring song. it hurts my brain, I honestly don't get why people like it???

1 decade ago


Hover boards.

1 decade ago


For some reason I recall a band on last years Hottest 100 saying that they didn't want to talk to Triple J unless they were #1. Can't remember the band. Does anyone remember this? Was it KoL?

1 decade ago


isn't sex on fire about std's?

biggie movie woot woot

1 decade ago


Face Control
Enemy Mine

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

'burning sensation' doesn't have the same ring to it

1 decade ago


my sister says that if your sex is on fire you should go see a doctor pronto.

1 decade ago


firey discharge sounds even worse

1 decade ago


grunge never died!!! *clutching to alice in chains and temple of the dog cd's* and i think the mayan end of the world prophecy will happen before detox comes out..2012 peace out planet earth!

1 decade ago

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