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Too Much Business, Not Enough Footy
A Short Chat with Craig Dermody

Craig Dermody probably doesn't need an introduction. But, hypothetically, if we were to pen one, it would include words like Scott, Charlene, Wedding, Divorced, Spider, Vomit, Lindsey and low-hands. There would also maybe be a footnote about beautiful blonde hair, Jason Donovan and (maybe) Craig McLachlan. And maybe even something about Dermody's recent decision to return home from New York and play a few ultra-rare shows around Eastern Australia.

The gangly Adelaide frontman has penned and guitared some of this country's finest slacker dole-pop anthems, the kind that jog through your head continuously, passing through your suburban mind street on their way to nowhere in particular. Most notably, via the vessel labeled Para Vista Social Club, the iconic debut album from Scott & Charlene's Wedding, which has just been re-released via Bedroom Suck, alongside a brand new split LP with Peak Twins.

We originally organised to 'speak' via the wondrous Facebook Chat. But syncing up is hard (right ladies?) and a new episode of Antique's Roadshow was on the telly and facebook.com was down for maintenance and old mate Zuckerborg was too busy spending a cool trillion dollars on a new copy of Photoshop's notorious 'filter' menu to bother fixing it. Craig told me he "now had a phone", but I sound like an Odd Direction fanboy on the blowhole so that wasn't really an option either. Eventually, we settled on the call-and-response methodology of Electronic Mail. No follow-ups, no deep conversations about the Meaning of Life Linsanity, just some questos, followed up a few days later by some responses. Try that on for size.

I've read conflicting reports, but are these the last ever Scott & Charlene shows? Ever? If so, does this mean the end of the project? If so, why?

You've heard wrong! These are the last Australian shows until 2013 but I'll be continuing Scott & Charlene's Wedding in New York with my lineup over there and recording a new record this year.

Were you at all reluctant to re-release Para Vista Social Club, given that the original pressing of it, limited to just 200 copies, each with individually hand-painted covers, made it such a collectors item for fans?

No not really, I think that original pressing is still a collectors item for the people even though there is a second pressing now. I've had a lot of people ask me for an LP who missed out the first time and now im glad they can get one too.

On those individually painted album covers, on your Tumblr you mention — about a year ago now — that you are currently working on a new album and keen to once again do individual covers for each pressing. Is this still the plan? If so, how is this record progressing?

Yes I'm keen to do it again. It's a long way off and I'm still in the writing stages of the new record but I predict i'll start recording the new record in July or Aug for a March next year release. Painting the covers is a big project to do again but I had a really good time last go around and am pretty keen to do it again.

What are the future plans for the other millions/billions of bands you're involved in - ie. Divorced, Spider Vomit, Lindsay Low Hand etc etc?

Divorce is an ongoing project that we're hoping to record a 7" before I go and I'll put together some more songs for that band soon. Hopefully we'll play some shows in America this year but if not I'm really keen to play again when I come back to Australia next year.

You recently spent some time over in New York? How was that? Was the aim to take the Australian Suburbs to the NYC Cool? Or just to play some serious basketball pick-up games?

Ha ha, a bit of both. I'm the biggest basketball fan going around thats one of the big reasons I've based myself there but I also think NYC could use some Australian suburbs action in it too.

The shortened NBA season has led to a few interesting results, mostly favouring teams with a strong starting five, rather than those with deep benches and the endurance to battle out the regular full season. Discuss:

I actually think it's the other way round. Lots of player are getting injured from the hectic schedule and it's the teams with depth and bangin role players like the Bulls and the Spurs that are coming good. It's turning out to be bangin season.

Did the ridiculousness of Linsanity have any effect on your decision to leave New York?

I loved Linsanity!! It was like New years after every game during that streak, I was so surprised it lasted as long as it did. I only temporarily left New York and will be returning in a few weeks.

You probably saw some pretty bloody good bands while you were living in New York, would like to list some of them here?

It took me ages to find the bangin' bands in New York but now I'm onto a few really great one's. I really love Family Portrait and band I'm yet to see but have recently discovered is Woods from Brooklyn. My favourite though is ex Bird Blobs singer Timmy Evans' band Degreaser. Amazing!

Can I get your thoughts on AFL's current plans to expand into the "rugby league heartland" of Western Sydney?

Hate it! Why force AFL down the throat of people who are happy with rugby while traditional AFL teams like the Demons are about to fold? Too much business not enough footy.

Are you excited to sample the Red Rattler's infamous house beer "Rat's Piss" on Thursday [today]?

Oh shit, I've never heard of that but it sounds rough. I'll be smashing a few.

Once recovering from this tour (and the over-dose of Rat's Piss) what are you plans for the rest of 2012? Returning to New York? Or back to the big smoke (Adelaide)?

Back to New York on May 1st and get stuck into music and painting and working. Will be back in [Australia in] 2013.

The Scott and Charlene's Wedding reunion tour continues tonight in Sydney:

Thursday, April 19: Red Rattler, Sydney
w/ Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Low Life, Camperdown & Out

Saturday, April 21: Deadshits! Festival, Brisbane
w/ Absolute Boys, Angel Eyes and more

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