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Valentine's Day Rap-Up

Update/disclaimer: this incredibly important web postage note was scheduled to 'drop' [like the balls of a 15-year old nerd professing his love for an overdeveloped babe] yesterday — when it actually was Valentine's Day. BUT, we held back because Lil Kim was scheduled to release a special Valentine's Day mixtape entitled Black Friday, based around the anti-Nicki Minaj track of the same name from late last year. BUT, then Kimbo was like "I need some more panel beating done" and decided to charge $9.99 for the mixtape. Valentine's Day is about love, bitch!

Young Love

Anyway... rap music and Love. It's a match made in heaven. No other genre treats women with such dignity and understands the importance of romance, love, understanding, sharing, brains etc etc, quite like Rap Music.

So, it only seems right that on today yesterday, the Day Of Love, rap music becomes our focus, as we try and tell that special little girl/boy/man/woman/babe/wench that we love their tits, their personality and their cooking abilities. Sometimes words aren't enough. That's why (Based) God invented hip-hop...

The Entire MySpace Collection (676 songs) by Lil B
Speaking of Based God, B has just given us the perfect gift to pass on to our special someone. Show your Main Squeeze how much they mean to you by downloading 676 Lil B songs for them. They won't all fit on a CD-R so probably best to steal your lover's iPod, format it and then just add the songs. Thank you Based God.

V.D (2006) by 'rrhoea
Our boy Nicky Eastside originally cooked up this mix for Episode 4 of our podcast waaaaay back in 2006. Still heaps more relevant than most Modern Music (ie. Arcade Fire just won a fucking Grammy). Featuring lovebombs by SPOD, Outkast, Beastie Boys and Kim Jong Illmatic.

Even by the low standards of 1993 these birds/hoes are fairly rank

31 Flavors Of Love
For 'sensitive thugs'. Featuring Pharcyde, Jungle Brothers, Lost Boys, Goodie Mob.

Break Ups and Make Ups by DJ Mr Smith
Both sides of the equation. The Heartbreak High days and the lusty make-up nights. Squelch. Featuring Meth, Jay-Z, The Roots and more. Via G-Street via Miss GG.

LoveLOVE vs. HateLOVE (Mixtape) by Diddy
Beautiful shiny plastic love (see above). Guest spots from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Justin Timberlake and more.

And, above all, never forget...

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