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Witch Hats + Talons + Circle Pit @ Spectrum

As I made the walk up the stairs into Spectrum I was welcomed by local outfit, Circle Pit, unleashing a skillfully directed fury of noise. They uniquely mix together lo-fi punk with a much larger, forceful sound. The five members throw hard left and right combinations of drums and guitars with just a sprinkle of keyboard and almost unrecognisable vocals.

They kinda sound like the type of band that would live in your garage and pay their rent with a once-a-week performance where they show off a new song that is like cock-rocking hair metal that has been stripped back, beaten down and then screamed over the top of. Wait, did that make any sense?

Their line-up combines two of the peeps from one of our favourite local acts, Straight Arrows, a fiery-looking mini Axl Rose frontman, a slightly older gentleman and a wild keyboardist who is permanently slamming away with some sort of vocoder device in this mouth. At times it's hard to know where to look, with every corner of the stage containing something interesting.

Their music is hard to pin down but it's a thoroughly enjoyable ram shackling chaotic wall of sound, that's for damn sure.


Talons delivered one of the more entertaining sets I have seen from them over the past few months. The nerves that they expressed to me before they started - having not playing for about a month - was well disguised (partly behind novelty glasses) as they ripped through a set compromised of mostly unreleased newer material.

Their decision to dedicate a song to the fact I have not shaved for a while and accidentally grown a beard doesn't go unnoted or unrespected. Yes, we are very easily impressed by such cheap ploys.

Witch Hats

Witch Hats

We have been trying to put into words for the past couple of weeks exactly how we feel about the Witch Hats' new album, Cellulite Soul, but have failed to come up with the right combination of gushing descriptive praises. It's hands down the best local release we have heard this year and their performance last night cemented our belief that these guys have truly mastered their terrific dark, brutal sound.

Their set drew heavily from the new album and was warmly received by the fairly large crowd. Actually, the size of the crowd was very good considering the large amount of competing shows on that evening, including the Guns Are For Kids EP launch which would have had a very similar fanbase.

The performance of one of the album's most instantly addictive tracks, Hellhole, was a standout of their forty minute set. However, every song sounded even more alive and bursting with energy and emotion than on record. Something that we didn't think was possible.

The enjoyment of the evening was only slightly weakened by a group of fuckwits who pushed in front of me so that they could take pictures of each other and block the view for myself and several other patrons. My lady friend politely told them to 'fuck off' but they didn't seem to understand that they had done anything wrong. They had obviously got in a little bit too early for the dance part of the evening which was scheduled to start after the completion of the Witch Hats' set and had very little interest in watching the band. Their complete ignorance to the fact that they were blocking the view of a large group of people who were enjoying a show was astounding. They deserved a swift kick in the unspeakables, but, unfortunately, there wasn't any of those 'crazy punk kids' around at the time to deliver the required punishing blow.

This was only a minor issue, however, and was easily outweighed by the sheer overpowering awesomeness of the music that had been served to us. Easily one of the most enjoyable shows I have been to so far this year.

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