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Win a $100 Ben Sherman voucher and a double pass to the Big British Sound

Wednesday, April 21, 2010. 5:42pm.
We've pretty much all finished for the day. We've packed away our crayons and enjoying the last little sprinkles of the summer breeze on our back porch deckhairs, sipping pineapple mocktails and blasting that amazing Gonjasufi album. Suddenly, the emergency phone lights up and on the other end it's Sir Benjamin Sherman.

Shermy was excited. Not only because he had just extended the modeling contracts for Dappled Dave and The Rad Riders, but also because he'd just finished locking in the final details for his series of Big British Sound shows. The phrase 'chomping at the tits' almost immediately sprung to mind.

The Shermzinator went on to tell us lot's of other special little things about the shows. Instead of re-telling all aspects of the 45 minute conversation, we thought we'd just summarise the good/important bits:

Thursday, May 6: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Featuring Bertie Blackman, Whitley, Pikelet, Big Scary + DJs Simon Winkler (RRR) & Jess McGuire (RRR)

Friday, May 7: Metro Theatre, Sydney
Featuring Bertie Blackman, Whitley, Jonathan Boulet, Fergus Brown, Deep Sea Arcade + DJs Alex Pye (FBI) & Shag (FBI)

I know what you're thinking "Fuck, I get to meet Shag in person. Fuck YEAH". First, clean your mouth sailor. Secondly, YES!

Benny also mentioned that because we'd been kind enough to listen to his rant that he would give us a special prize pack to give away to a lucky reader of our website - featuring a double pass to the Sydney Big British Sound show AND a $100 Ben Sherman clothing voucher.

To win, simply answer the question below. If you don't see a question below: a) scroll down! or; b) you might need to login/sign-up. This is restricted to members of this website. Sorry. It's also restricted to peeps that are over 18. We aren't sorry about this because it's not our restriction.

The winner of the prize pack (and yeah, more than one thing immediately means it's a 'pack') will be contacted via email this Friday (May 30).

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