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Ghosts Of Television @ Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar)

Ghosts Of Television

Ok, so this isn't really a review.

I have wrestled with a blank page for over a week now, struggling to come up with some words to describe this fairly significant event - Ghosts Of Television's last ever live appearance.

Every time I have started my write up I have flown off on a tangent, becoming lost somewhere amidst a bloated essay piece about GOTV's musical career, the important role they have playing in the Sydney music scene over the past five years and how painful their break-up is. I know am thinking I might as well save those words for the (slightly overdue) review of their debut/farewell LP Forsaken Empire.

Also, Shaun Prescott kinda killed it with his brilliant M+N write-up.

For those that missed the show, or those keen to relive it until they are old and grey, there is a live recording of their set over over at Sydney Tapes. The el grand finale and crowd favourite, Buzzrd, is an especially spine-tingling awesome moment.

AND (bonus bonus bonus) you can also still download Forsaken Empire from Magnetic Recording Council.

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Ghosts Of Television


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