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Polaroids Of Androids


Cop Scum

Until recently, Sydney trio Whores had ZERO songs on their MySpace. This made it kinda hard for me to tell you about our terrific they are. But (luckily) that problem is now FIXED and the group have upped a handful of demo tracks that help to better explain why I think they are so farking amazing.

This song is my personal favourite. Drenched in a raw underdone fuzz it's two and a half minutes of pure punk rock bliss. It's rough, ready and bursting with a great lazy attitude. It's N.W.A's Fuck The Police for the 2009 backalley punk generation. Smash something Mr Kunt.

You can catch Whores playing THIS FRIDAY at Spectrum with Talons and Quaoub. They will also be playing in a couple of weeks alongside Holy Soul, Ghosts Of Television and Bowerbirds at the Hopetoun.

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Nice, I like my noise with a bit of reverb and distortion.

1 decade ago

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