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2007 Leftovers

2007 is [almost] over and we are just about ready to get stuck into the crazy barrage of January shows that lay ahead of us like a keen and willing lady.


But just like a donkey that loves to get beaten - we aren't finished. Drunk for New Years already you say? No. Just a little bit excited to summarize a few more things from the past twelve months.


Our Favourite Show

Pixies reunion show at Luna Park?
The Shins at Enmore Theatre?
Phoenix at The Factory?
The memorable light show from Daft Punk last Saturday?


The show that stuck in our memory banks for 2007 was this one from waaaay back in February.

Key factors:

  • It was a super late night - the show kicked off at about 1am.
  • We saw Talons for the first time.
  • Some random guy tried to fight us because I stole his hat.
  • The bands wore homemade halloween costumes and covered themselves in fake blood.

AND most importantly we witnessed Die! Die! Die! play an almost perfect chaotic punk rock show - memory burning us with their thrilling and uncontrolled set.

I also think this was the one and only time we have ever seen Die! Die! Die! play an encore. The crowd literally pushed them back onto stage where they proceeded to knock out an absolutely wad-blowing version of Blue Skies.

This photo from the night just screams 'best show of the year'...


Favourite Lyric

Hard to go past the masterful work of Spencer Krug and his wonderful playful nature. These lines from Sunset Rubdown's The Taming Of The Hands That Came Back To Life were definately our favourite for the year...

She said, 'My sails are flapping in the wind.'
I said, 'Can I use that in a song?'
She said, 'I mean the end begins.' I said, 'I know. Can I use that too?'


Favourite Song

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (album version)

We called it when we first heard it and (suprisingly) when the year closed we had the same opinion. This was hands down our favourite song released this year. The extended piano intro of the album version is sadly what got chopped for the radio edit but is one of the key features that make this such a breathtaking seven minutes of music. Tragic. Self-reflective. Faultless.

The rest of our favourite songs for the year have been glued together on our end of year mixtape.


Least Favourite Local Act

Hmm.. maybe our review of Young Modern kind of gave away our mild despise of all things Silverchair. If we already didn't think the predictable musical garbage of Daniel Johns and Co was enough for them to deserve this 'award' then surely Johns self congratulatory 'how good is Australian music right now' speech at this year's ARIAs secured them the nod.


Five Local Acts That We Didn't Hear Much From

  • Wolfmother
  • The Grates
  • The Avalanches
  • Cold Chisel
  • Joe Dolce


Four Local Artists That 'Busted Through'

The good...

ARIA award winner for his remix album and NOT for his album last year. Making up for something you missed ARIA folks?

Dappled Cities Fly
Relocated to the US for six months, toured relentlessly, got a positive review from Pitchfork and moved just one album away from (deservedly) blowing the phuck up.

The not so..

The Panics
A painfully over-polished new record saw The Panics move from great WA indie band to Powderfinger Junior.

Signed to Modular, toured the world and pumped out a fairly bland debut record.


Big In 2008?

Fingers crossed..

  • Straight Arrows
  • Talons
  • Dead Farmers
  • The Ripping Dylans
  • Hand Me My Jetpack
  • Defoe

More than likely..

  • Bridezilla
  • Ghostwood
  • Mercy Arms
  • Where's Jerome?
  • Amy Meredith


Ok, now we are done for 2007.

We are going to be taking a little time off at the start of the new year to help us prepare for the orgy of fantastic shows heading our way towards the ass end of January. If you have anything fantastic to say during this 'downtime' head over to the forum and let the world know.

Have a fantastically drunk (yet safe) new year!

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