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Advanced research study results released: 66.666% of Wolfmother are no longer in Wolfmother


Multi ARIA award-winning rock legends The Wolfbrothers have just announced that a considerable number of their members have decided to leave the group.

From the official press release regarding the split:

Wolfmother has announced the resignation of bass/keyboard player Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett effective immediately.

Following their appearance at Splendour 2008 Chris Ross decided to announce that he was leaving the band due to irreconcilable personal and musical differences. Myles Heskett has also decided to leave the band rather than continuing as part of a changed lineup. The pair has been working together on songs for some time and they plan to focus their energies on that new project in the future.

The band members were shocked and disheartened to be told of the existence of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, and the fact that the two bands had both blatantly ripped off original Wolfmother tracks numerous times. The boys both became so disillusioned by this that they decided to rethink their entire musical trajectories, and reflect on how petty and fickle the music industry has become. And also, they wanted to get in on this electro thing that all the kids are talking about, apparently there's wads of cash in that racket.

Singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale now plans to find other musicians over coming months and to then begin making a new Wolfmother album.

Reality TV show in the works?

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Its a line ball this one, as he is the voice, main songwriter (as ive heard) and the afro haired image, im tippin the other dudes are interchangable, but I could be wrong.

1 decade ago


holding hopes that they will Just Go Away

1 decade ago


Yeah, going away is definitely the best option.
Could Jet go away as well?

1 decade ago


the other 33.333% of wolfmother resides in the Hair alone. if he decides to shave for a cure we might be rid of them forever... (unless the Hair consequently writes a solo album of course.)

1 decade ago


I really hoping that the hair makes a solo album

1 decade ago


im a shoe in! hello wad money!

1 decade ago


This is the image on the front page of smh.com.au right now. lol?

1 decade ago

Hit The Switch

vitalorgans..... your hair is about Witch Hat level at the moment... you have some growing to do!!!

1 decade ago

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