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Annandale Hotel owner fires back at council

In the last update on the receivership issues facing the Annandale Hotel we were told it was "business as usual". And on the surface (ie. their Facebook page) everything's seemed be functioning relatively normally with the steady promotion of upcoming gigs and related news items posted without any mention of the venue's financial issues.

And then, earlier today, one of the co-owners of the hotel, Matt Rule, posted a breakdown of the current state of affairs, including information that receivers have been gifted a "late license" by the troublesome residences that have caused all the grief for the venue.

Here's the full Facebook update from Rule:

So the council who funded a campaign by three vexatious lying residents:
- that cost my brother and I in excess of 200k in legal fees
- years of lost revenue
- hundreds of hours writing counter claim submissions to the liquor board
- who underhandedly, whilst holding us up by their legal team in those same liquor board hearing changed the zoning where the Annandale sits to make it a non late trading area restricting us from obtaining a late license despite eventually winning in the land & environment court
- who put us through unimaginable amounts of stress as we scratched every day to figure out how to pay the bills to keep the doors open
- who, chose to ignore the fact that throughout all of this we had the support of their own council assessment officers, the local police and 98% of the local residents
- and who's actions ultimately contributed to us losing a business we struggled to for 13 years to keep alive, our family losing money and my brother and I stone motherless broke....are now gifting the receivers who work for the bank a late license the minute we are out on our arses?

Well forgive me for my rant and if this sounds bitter, that's because it fucking is....but as legendary race car driver and hero of mine Ricky Robby would say "with all due respect" Leichhardt council your a bunch of c#*ts!!
You wanna save live music at the Annandale Hotel...give us back the probably $500k all of the above more than likely cost us so we can have our business back, hand us the late license and support the two people who 13 years ago when it wasnt trendy or politically advantageous to support live music put their balls on the line and had a massive fucking crack!

Presumably, that last part is at least partly aimed at new Leichhardt Mayor, Darcy Byrne, who has been a strong supporter of local live music, utilising the issue as one of main elements of his election platform. In our recently published interview with the Major he passionately vowed that live music would win out over "NIMBY-ism".

Darcy, they're tough words mate, but without any real action, they're just that — words. Here's your chance to put a little bit of political weight behind your ideas and beliefs, and actually do something (anything!) to genuinely assist The Annandale's future as a live venue, with or without it's current owners at the helm.

Update (15:01): via Faster Louder. In a recent statement, Mayor Byrne said "It is crucial that the Annandale remains a live music venue [...] We want rock 'n' roll not residential development". All good and well, but is there any actual plans behind these statements?

Update (17:04): via M+N (via FL). A new statement from Mayor Darcy Byrne: "The Rule brothers and music fans are right to be furious with the previous Council. Immediately after becoming Mayor five months ago I moved to overturn Council's prosecution of live music venues. Prior to the last election I met with the Rule brothers and offered my unqualified support for any changes they needed from Council. I remain as committed as ever to seeing the Hotel continue as an iconic live music venue which is why I have invited the receivers to apply for extended trading hours."

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