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Another long weekend in Sydney

Struth. If we had dollars for all the long weekends we'd suffered through over the past two weeks we'd be on our way to paying back that pesky Public Holiday Tariff some of the opportunistic beverage dispensing outlets smacked us with on Good Friday last week. "It's for Jesus", said that surly bloke behind the bar. And that's all fine, except we separated our churches and our steaks and our Greens so long ago I don't even remember what Zues' middle initial H stands for.

Speaking of Harolds, you'd have to be as mad as This Cunt to not get down to The Square on Saturday evening.

Disclaimer: unless it was obvious by the Frasier-themed poster (and that amazing line-up), we're "presenting" this show.

And here's a Facebook event that gives you only slightly more information.

Speaking of visually stunning companions for social activities, local record label, Rice Is Nice, is celebrating five consecutive years of remembering to inhale oxygen and dispel carbon pollutants into our atmosphere. With a party this Sunday!

Now with 100% more Straight Arrows! Guaranteed.

And, these bastards...

And if (somehow) all that's not enough and you're willing to put a solid bet on your stamina, then head on down to the Bowling Club Of Petersham tomorrow night (Friday) to kick off the long one early at the King Tears Mortuary launch, featuring multiple guests from multiple cities. Cosmopolitan.

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