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Polaroids Of Androids


At The Drive-In reunite but...

  • Still no sign of Detox
  • How much influence will The Mars Volta prog-wank style have?
  • How much influence will the Sparta safety-by-numbers style have?
  • Their clean now, right? Not promoting Heroin use, but have you heard the last few Flaming Lips records?
  • What does Dirk think?
  • Is Joanie going to keep Roger's baby?
  • Public transport in Sydney, right?
  • Is the kid's middle name 'Blue' or is it a Mary-Kate high-class double dip thing?
  • The coffee shop near my office is still closed for Christmas
  • What's happening with the Arrested Development movie?
  • They'll probably never come back to Australia because we're just a bunch of crowd-surfing sheep

But, this is easily the best/most exciting news of 2012 so far. Sorry Blue Glory Carter.

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At The Drive-In
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Funni :)

9 years ago


I spoke to Omar once. He told me that Sparta are "gay". I laughed at the progressive salsa wizard's childish remark and then their drummer at the time (Thomas Pridgen) said "DAMN THAT'S A BIG ASS COCK-A-ROACH" as one scurried by and I laughed at that too.

Highlights of high school

9 years ago

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