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Australia Day 2008

So, Australia Day is upon us - the national holiday where it is actually against the law NOT to get shitfaced and barbeque some livestock. With the Big Day Out in town and the Sydney Festival still going there is definately no shortage of things going on.

Believe it or not there are still tickets available for LCD Soundsystem's show at Enmore Theatre tomorrow night. We hear you still might be able to snap up front dance floor spots if yo act quick like as well.

If you have over-spent during this crazy month of January and are looking for the cheaper option then the Annandale Hotel might be just what you need. They are having a listening party for the Hottest 100, as well as $10 jugs, $10 all-yo-can-eat wings and ping pong. But that's hardly even the best part as, once the countdown wraps up and hopefully Silverchair haven't taken out the top spot, there is the 'afterparty' featuring an incredibly solid line-up.

It will set you back a measly $10 and is a solid three plus hours of awesomeness:

7.00pm - Tokyo Blonde
7.30pm - The Detours
8.00pm - The Ripping Dylans
8.30pm - Bird Automatic
9.10pm - Talons
10.00pm - Peabody

Full details and tickets here.

There are also shows with Joanna Newsom at the Opera House, punk rock legends Anti Flag at the Gaelic Club and Billy Bragg at the Metro Theatre which, we assume, if are your thing you are already getting excited about.

Whatever you do tomorrow the most important thing is to hope with all your hope that Silverchair's Straight Lines somehow doesn't nab the number one spot on the Hottest 100. As irrelevant as we think Triple J is these days we would hate to see 'the Chair' get anymore awards or allocates that they don't really deserve. We hear that Bluejuice's Vitroil has a bit of an outside chance as well. Oh, how very awesome would that be.

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