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Australian Music Prize 2009 shortlist
no sign of The Stabs, Tucker Bs or Talons

some dudes, hanging out
The cream of Australian music talent.

The fairly disappointing/safe/dull list of nominees for the 2009 Australian Music Prize was unveiled yesterday at The St Kilda Festival.

Oh Mercy - Privileged Woes
Black Cab - Call Signs
Kid Sam - Kid Sam
Lisa Mitchell - Wonder
Sarah Blasko - As Day Follows Night
Bertie Blackman - Secrets & Lies
Lucie Thorne - Black Across The Field
Urthboy - Spitshine
The Mess Hall - For The Birds

Aside from The Mess Hall as an outside chance (highly doubtful considering they took out the award in 2007) there isn't too much old fashioned excitement here. In fact, that list basically just looks like the most played local acts on Triple J last year (minus The Bluejuice Comedy Lads).

This year's winner will receive $30,000 in cold hard cash, as well as $30,000 worth of media on Channel V and MAX. There's also the special 'runner up' Red Bull Outstanding Potential Award, the winner of which will take home $15,000 in cash and a four pack of Red Bull.

The winner will be announced on Friday, March 12 at a ceremony at the Sydney MCA.

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The Mess Hall
Oh Mercy
Black Cab
Kid Sam
Lisa Mitchell
Sarah Blasko
Bertie Blackman
Lucie Thorne


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The reason it's a boring list is most bands on a budget can't afford to enter!!!!!
AMP is totally a money making sham!!!!
There I said it.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

what's the entry cost .. ?
is this a profit machine?
should be overthrow some cars and riot?

1 decade ago


"Artists intending to enter should note there is an early bird entry fee of only $55 applicable from 1st to 31st October. Entries received after that date will attract a $95 fee."


1 decade ago


It's not the fee, that seems fair enough, but the amount of product (CDs) they expect from you, and they aren't allowed to be burns. It was something like 25 then a further 50 if you get shortlisted. (that's from memory give or take 5 either way, all info has been taken down) When you're only doing runs of 500 that's some wild balls.

1 decade ago


yikes. that does seem like a lot.

1 decade ago


fairly beige list. and the mess hall probs don't need another 30k.

hopefully black cab or kid sam get this one...

1 decade ago


see my name for my thoughts on this list.

lisa mitchell, oh mercy & bertie blackman? wtf.

1 decade ago

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