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Baths pulls out of Australia tour

The writing was on the wall. And that writing said "Will Wiesenfield (aka Baths) is sick and won't be coming to Japan or New Zealand anymore, but he's still coming to Australian". And then BLAMO, like a toxic liquid cleaning up graffiti'd pick-up lines and crudely drawn penises, the sad news was extended to include his appearance at the Musica Tumbalong Festival and the adjoining Australian dates.

Will Wiesenfield:

So sad about this. I was looking forward to these shows SO much; I've never been to Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Hawaii... I had to cancel because of some serious stomach issues. They're being resolved, but these issues have affected me enough that I cannot travel or perform for a while. I am making my best efforts to recover as fast (and as safely) as possible, and I will see all of you as soon as I can. Thanks so much for understanding and I will try and make this up as quickly as possible.

Get better soon Dubya Dubya.

The silver-lining for those attending the Musica Tumbalong Festival is that three new acts have now been added to the bill — New Navy, GLOVES and our very own lovechild, Guerre.

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