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Bed Wettin' Bad Boys return from hiatus, announce shows

The world mourned for several hours when the self-described "Sydney's Most Repulsive/Awesome Band", Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, announced a four month hiatus (approximately four months ago). Yes, Math Boffins/Scientists that means that the Dark Ages Of Sydney Rock are over! BWBB are back!

To celebrate their return to the Rock Arenas and piss-stained heroin alleyways of the Harbour City, they've strong-armed their Label Bosses/Suits at R.I.P Society to pump out a Media Release that is (literally) jam-packed with thousands of PDFs and Bitmaps of memorable press quotes. Some samplings include — "expect more guitar leads", "fine product of the boarding school system" and "sun-smart attire".

And there was also some solid information contained within this lovely slice of Spiced Ham, including the announcement of a new full-time member (and second guitarist) Doug 'Gibbo' Gibson. That's a picture of Gibby underneath 'modeling' the band's new t-shirt design, which features several local rock celebrities wearing their previous t-shirt design. Levels. The hot fashion item of Winter 2011 will be available via R.I.P Society (email: [email protected]) and at the band's upcoming shows.

Yes! That's right! Upcoming shows...

Thursday, March 31: FBi Social Radiant Night, Kings Cross Hotel
w/ Wintercoats and Donny Benet
8pm. $12 (on the door)

Sunday, April 17: Sandringham Hotel, Newtown
w/ Eat Skull (US) and Slug Guts
7pm. $15 (on the door)

The band are currently thinking and talking about doing a new 7", which they plan to record and/or release sometime around June.

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