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Blink 182 are in the studio working on the best album of 2009

If you are anything like me then for the past few weeks/months you have been pretty much doing nothing but listening to Dude Ranch on repeat and continually refreshing Mark Hoppus' Twitter page. Obsessions.

Hoppus (the bassist in Blink 182, duh!) has been steadily feeding obsessive fans (ie. me and this guy) little snippets of info over the past few months regarding the Blink 182 comeback album. While, I was pretty sure that Mark wasn't a lying scumbag (not like Tom.. damn you Tom) I still wasn't getting too excited about the new album ever actually seeing the light of day.

Well, today EVERYTHING fell into place with Hoppus posting a photo of all three Blinkerz hangin' in 'da studio' as they start to lay down tracks for the as-yet-untitled new record.

Blink 182 - in the studio

While there aren't too many confirmed details at this stage, in an interview with Alternative Press earlier this year Hoppus suggested that the album's style wouldn't be too dissimilar from their 2003 (career highlight!) self-titled album That means no 'joke' songs, just some bros making some rad bromance anthems. Win.

Lucky North Americanites can also catch Blink touring this summer.... with Weezer!!! Epic. The petition to bring that cream dream show down to Oz is currently being drafted.

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Best summer ever.

1 decade ago


I swear Rivers hates Australia, so many times to Japan and so many years since Weezer were here. Sign me up for that petition

1 decade ago



1 decade ago


twitter is nuts. I can't believe how many people are using it now.

I would sign that petition!

1 decade ago

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