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Bridge Mary Kiss take out Hopetoun Incentive 07

After giving ourselves a mild reacharound the other day in regards to the fact that two of our favourite bands had reached the final we were quietly confident that one of them was going to be playing at Homebake this year.

Talons destroyed through their set, The Ripping Dylans were solidly entertaining and Hand Me My Jetpack finished will possibly the best performance by them that I have had the chance to see. After the show it was pretty much cemented in our heads that Homebake was suddenly starting to look a whole load better. We started drafting the letters to all our friends who were going to the festival telling them to make sure they got in early to check out an awesome band.

But alas.. it turns out the only band on the night that wasn't a thrill to watch won the competition.

Congrats to Bridge Mary Kiss, 17-year old kids who seem to have a strong following and from all reports are nice lads. It all could have turned out so much better though.

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Bridge Mary Kiss
Hand Me My Jetpack
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