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Changing Lanes 2011 line-up announced

Gary Liddiard will be there.

"Bringing HeART to the streets". Oh, (I think) I see what they did there. Good one Team. And also a good move moving this year's festival out of the backstreets of Newtown and into the backstreets of Surry Hills. Move on up, gentrify and raise some much needed Funds for FBi Radio ("the same thing we do every week Pinky").

Changing Lanes 2011....

  • PVT
  • Vasco Era
  • Papa Vs Pretty
  • Snowdroppers
  • Bleeding Knees Club
  • Gareth Liddiard
  • Megastick Fanfare
  • Oscar + Martin
  • Juggernauts DJs
  • Ellesquire
  • Spookyland
  • Def Wish Cash
  • Tuka
  • Skryptcha
  • Daily Meds
  • Last Kinection
  • Bingethinkers
  • Joyride
  • Rockabilly Artist
  • Gay Paris
  • Mikelangelo
  • Lanie Lane
  • Kira Puru
  • Pat Capocchi

On a more serious note.. what's happening with the gal's right boob in the festival artwork? Or is this just a play on the old "indie songbirds don't wear bras" stereotype?

The festival will be happening on Saturday, September 17 from midday to 10pm in and around Devonshire Street in Surry Hills. Tickets are around $30 and available now via Moshtix.

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The Vasco Era
Papa Vs Pretty
The Snowdroppers
Bleeding Knees Club
Gareth Liddiard
megastick fanfare
Oscar and Martin


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Amy Winehouse didn't die - she got cartoonified and trapped in that poster.

1 decade ago

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