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Charge Group escape from mankind

Charge Group

"Charge Group will light your way home then welcome you at the door with a punch in the guts". That short, humorous paragraph (lifted from their MySpace page) perfectly sums up the group's amazing 'death folk' sound.

The Sydney four-piece, consisting of 75% of Purplene and 25% violin from a guy who splits his spare time between Josh Pyke and Firekites, were only recently exposed to me (and did NOT expose themselves to me) but are now one of my favourite local acts.

Lunar Module and Vice'd are the first couple of tracks to emerge from the group's debut album, Escaping Mankind, which is scheduled to be released on August 23 via Remote Control. Surprisingly, the engrossing nature of their live sound has transferred well to their recorded material.

Lunar Module


Here is a clip of the band performing Lunar Module at the Melbourne Super8 Diaries show back in January.

The group don't have any launch shows scheduled yet, but we assume they will line up some dates (hopefully even a national tour) closer to the album's release.

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