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Charge Group ride off into the sunset

Charge Group have just had their brilliant 2008 record Escaping Mankind released in the land of Europia via Own Records and, following on the back of a steady stream of glowing praise, have been invited by Iceland's Emiliana Torrini to join her will soon be embarking on a giant 25-date tour of the continent.

The group will say farewell to their home town this Friday with a show at the Hopetoun Hotel, alongside fellow Sydneysiders Wifey and Seaworthy. It will be the band's FIRST full band performance of the year, with members ignoring their external commitments as Josh Pyke's wingman, Palace Of Fire ringmaster and Tucker B's beatmaker to give themselves a proper hero-style send off.

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Jonny Yes Yes

Update: Charge Group are not supporting Emiliana Torrini as originally reported but instead doing their own tour.. thus amended above..

thanx to capt matty blackman for setting us straight...

1 decade ago

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