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Cheap ticket deals for dualpLOVER's End of Financial Year party

dualpLOVER are offering up highly discounted tickets for their huge End Of Financial Year party this Wednesday evening. Right up until midnight tonight you can get tickets for just $4, while tomorrow tickets will be just $6 right up until 4pm. If you hold out and decide to just rock up on the night you'll be faced with an unpleasant $25 cover charge so GET SNAPPY.

Playing times:

20:00 - Godswounds
20:20 - Murder Of Crow
20:40 - Wizard Bong
21:00 - Rice Corpse
21:20 - Crab Smasher
21:40 - Drunk Elk
22:10 - Warm Feelings
22:40 - AXXONN
23:10 - Louis Burdett & Patrick Kavanagh
23:40 - Blue Pony and Simo Soo
00:00 - Kusum
00:10 - Horse MacGyver
00:30 - Teen Ax
00:50 - Bed Wettin Bad Boys
01:10 - Whores
01:30 - Gay Marriage
01:50 - Twisted Subterranean Deathtrap
02:10 - Nhomea
02:30 - Dave Noyze and Bradbury
02:50 - Physic Date
03:10 - DJ Smallcock

In addition to the above cheap ticket options, Bed Wettin Bad Boys are also doing their own flexible (and revolutionary!!) payment system, offering people to trade in "goods, services, skills, digital or physical dollars!" for entry to the night.

A full list of what the band will accept in exchange for tickets can be found at this Facebook event (spoiler: it's pretty much everything/anything ever, including old punk fanzines and fixing the lock on out front door).

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Murder Of Crow
Wizard Bong
Rice Corpse
Crab Smasher
Drunk Elk
The Warm Feelings
Louise Burdett & Patrick Kavanagh
Blue Pony
Simo Soo
Horse MacGyver
Teen Ax
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
Gay Marriage
Twisted Subterranean Deathtrap
Dave Noyze
Physic Date
DJ Smallcock


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