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Deerhunter + Yeasayer sideshows announced

"What can I say, I'm in Yeasayer. Bitches love me." - some dude from Yeasayer

So Sydney Laneway sold out. But you knew that already. Fortunately the announcements about sideshows are coming thick and fast to (somewhat) make up for it if you missed out on tickets. Both Deerhunter and Yeasayer have announced a couple of shows already.

Deerhunter tickets go on sale on Friday 29th October. Dates:

  • Tuesday, February 8th - Sydney - Metro Theatre - tickets - All ages
  • Wednesday, February 9th - Melbourne - Billboards - tickets

Yeasayer tickets are already on sale. Dates:

  • Monday, February 7th - Sydney - Metro Theatre - tickets
  • Thursday, February 10th - Melbourne - Billboards - tickets

That's a big ol' boom smash right there if you ask me.

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