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Polaroids Of Androids


Eddy Current Suppression Ring in-store today!

If, like me, you move in slow motion sometimes and thus failed to get to the Hopetoun Hotel last night before the dreaded SOLD OUT sign was stuck up on the door - then you will be extremely happy and somewhat over the moon over the news that you still have one last chance to catch Eddy Current Suppression Ring before the scoot off out of town and disappear from our lives forever and/or a few months.

Today, from 3.30pm, you can catch the band at Red Eye Records (66 King St, da city) kicking out a LIVE in-store performance.

Dead Farmers will also be playing and it will be 100% FREE, so in some ways (many ways in fact) it will be not only better than last night's show but also better tasting than if you melted down last night's show into milkshake format and served it up with a thick layer of cream and heroin.

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