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Fitz Fest vs Shambles

"Fuck festivals" — You and/or Your Brain after the last time you went to Homebake and/or Future Music and swallowed fourteen Obama tabs and got arrested trying to slow dance with a tree and/or slam dance with a passion.

Just relax mate.

Sydney is here to help, with the announcement earlier today that TWO (2) festival events are happening over the next coupla months that not only will change your opinion of drinking during the day, but will also change your opinion of drinking during the day while watching music being performed.

Firstly, there's Fitz Fest #2, arguably and understandably and mathematically 100% better than Fitz Fest #1.

It'll be happening from 3pm on April 20 at The Old Fitz in Wooly Mul Loo and will feature 18 acts across 2.5 stages (it includes a pokie room) and set you back a mere fifteen Abbotts.

Musical identities!

  • Mad Nanna
  • Cliques
  • Angel Eyes
  • Day Ravies
  • Oscar Key Sung
  • Horse Macgyver
  • Black Vanilla
  • Love Chants
  • Mob
  • Muura
  • Snotty Babies
  • Ghastly Spats
  • Badsides
  • Your Intestines
  • Exotic Dog (special Pokie Room Stage Performance)
  • Jon Wilton (solo drums)
  • Robbie Avenaim (solo drums)
  • Simon Barker (solo drums)

Two weeks of Recovery later and on the other side of Town, there's the inaugural Shambles Festival at Petersham Bowling Club. Sunday, May 5 from 1pm until about 10pm and/or when one of the neighbours comes over and challenges The Fighting League to some sort of three-point bowls contest. There's no price mentioned on the Facebook Event so the same rules apply as do in the Real World (the supermarket) when an item doesn't has no marked price — it's free if you can convince the 14-year old checkout lad at the front that that's The Law. UPDATE: $15 entry.

Band names!

  • The Fighting League
  • The Ocean Party
  • Golden Blonde
  • Model Citizen
  • Family
  • Black Vanilla
  • Yes, I'm Leaving
  • Beef Jerk
  • Ted Danson With Wolves
  • Yard Duty

If it actually was a Fight between these two events I think Shambles wins solely due to the awesome poster, created by local hero Maddy Briggs. Note: Fitz Fest #2 doesn't have a poster yet.

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Mad Nanna
Black Vanilla
Horse MacGyver
Oscar Key Sung
Ghastly Spats
The Fighting League
The Ocean Party
Golden Blonde
Yes I'm Leaving
Model Citizen
Ted Danson With Wolves
Yard Duty
Beef Jerk


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