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Friday, I'm In Love

It was suggested that I start this post off something like this: 'Friday appears to be an orgy of talented musicians converged to spread their love juices and music over the town of Sydney'. Instead however, I am designating the following as the start of this post: 'There is a 'fuck load' of shiz-nit going on in Olde Sydneye Towne tonight'.


And while it's true that Fletch is being released in digitally remastered format, which is as we all know 7 times better than analogue, the most important piece of information is as follows. Some bands by the name of Wolf and Cub + Snowman, Dukes Of Windsor + The Paper Scissors + Bird Automatic, Knife Machine + teenagersintokyo + Yellowbird + Die Monde + Diamond Daggers + Papa Vs Pretty, Poly & The Statics + The Seabellies + Pang and Fait Accompli + Talons + Porch Light Fiasco (affectionately known as 'The Fuckload') have officially come together as part of what is probably the biggest night ever in Sydney in terms of choices between ass kicking bands/artists/ensembles/gangstas that will blow your musical mind.

However, while you may think that this news is sent directly from Allah himself, and that all your secret prayers have been answered, I sadly must admit that it is also my duty to inform you of some slightly more upsetting news. I don't mean to bring you down, just to ensure that you remain on a nice plateau. Not such a downer though, when you compare it with the fantastic news the JTV will be airing a Go-Betweens special tomorrow night, so don't forget to McLennanise your self of your sins and indulge in some brilliance.

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