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Further haven't broken up

It's been a funny year for Sydney's Further.

Waaaaay back in February they released Tactics which (despite what our silly review might have made you think) is damn close to being the best album released this year. The highlight of their career etc etc.

And since then they have played only a few shows and (even though they have obviously been rehearsed given the insanely tight nature of their performances) words were starting to circulate around town that the group had called it a day.

Well, they obviously heard these whisperings and in a recent blog post set the record straight.

1. Have you guys broken up?
Answer: Nope. We're still writing music and rehearsing. We're not playing many gigs because there's not a lot on offer.

2. Are you still on Chatterbox Records?
Answer: Yep. As far as we know we've got a home there unless someone tells us otherwise. At which point you'll know because we'll start hassling every record company in town to take us on...

3. When can we expect a new record?
Answer: Next year would be a safe guess. We've got about 15 rough songs that we're about to start refining very soon.

4. You're getting older. Do your joints hurt when you play?
Answer: Yes, they do, but we turn up our amps to compensate.

That is all. Thanks for your continued interest in our muzak...

It's understandable that the group have been slightly thrown off course with the implosion of their label Chatterbox Records a few months back, BUT it's criminal to think that peeps aren't booking these guys to play shows. Dear all Sydney bands. Book Further to support you. I don't care if you think they are better than you. Get them back out there! Less techno! Love Jonny.

The group will apparently be playing a show on November 22 with Melbourne's The Nation Blue. Although, The Nation Blue's MySpace doesn't have a show listed for that date. Hmm. Fingers crossed.

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