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Going hard in Newcastle?

A guy named SPOD.

Newcastle folks are a funny bunch. Just because their rugby league sucks ever since a certain pill-popping superstar hung up his boots they think it's fine to put on a kickass festival on the very SAME DAY as the national grand final. Surely if they were still a competitive league entity they wouldn't be organising arsty smartsy musical celebrations - they would obviously be focusing all of their attention on painting their faces red and blue.

Ok... football discussion aside...

Avant Hard (besides being one of the best named festivals in the history of the universe) is a RAD one day music event 'going down' this Sunday at the Croatian Club in Wickham, featuring a very tasty line-up of local superstars, party machine megastars and DJ peepz.

Live performances...

  • SPOD
  • Songs
  • Ionic
  • Mailer Daemon (DJ set)
  • Phil Smart
  • Sailmaker
  • Yes Pilgrim
  • The Frass

and DJ aksun from...

  • On The Brink
  • The Understudy (TECH)
  • ALPS

The organisers have also GUARANTEED that they will have the CHEAPEST DRINKS IN NEWCASTLE - including $4 shots and $3.50 schooners. Even with the extreme petrol costs of getting from Sydney to Newcastle that is still shitloads cheaper than getting fucked up in this expensive town. Let's get crunked?

The whole thing kicks off at around 7pm and will run well into the late evening and/or Thursday next week. You can pre-buy tickets via Sticky Tickets (or on the door if available) and they will set you back about $16.50.

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Mailer Daemon


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Definitely hitting this up on Sunday. If you are already up there for TINA you should check it out.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

yeh.. what are the other events at TINA..? couldn't get too much from their website.. there was no info about this mini-fest on there either - is it completely seperate?

1 decade ago


haha us spod team are road tripping it to newcastle after his parklife set. the 'orsumettes' are gonna dance twice in one night. gonna be amazing!

I thought this gig WAS part of TINA, though?

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

yes.. i dunno.. newcastle confuses the shit outta me..

1 decade ago


not part of tina, but so so awesome

1 decade ago


newcastle gig > > > > > parklife set

1 decade ago

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