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Good Friday? More like Bloody Great Friday

There was a time when you could stumble up the stairs at the as-yet ungentrified Newtown Hotel and find yourself in a fairly magical place. Whilst completely impractical from a floor-plan perspective, the second level of the pub was fantastic from a watching-some-bands and locking-your-mates-in-a-sex-dungeon-cage viewpoint. And, better still, more often than not (the) Straight Arrows would be playing in the corner.

Those times have passed, obviously, and now it's considerably more difficult to see Straight Arrows performing. Thus, those opportunities should be savoured. Like tonight, where the band will play a rare (and FREE!) show at the new Brooklyn Standard Bowl.

Easter being the season of giving, it only seems right that there's also a pair of fundraising shows this weekend for everyone's favourite local DIY venue/shop, Black Wire. The two events — Friday at Red Rattler and Saturday at Black Wire — will kick off at 4pm and be headlined by Prag, Spite House, Deep Heat and White Walls, with two equally impressive streams of local supports, including personal favourites Bare Grillz, Making, Oily Boys and Lenin Lennon. Tickets for both days, as well as a discounted weekend pass, available now via their web-store.

Playing times...

Friday, April 18 - Red Rattler
16:00 - doors
16:16 - Grey Places
17:00 - Bare Grillz
17:45 - Oily Boys
18:30 - Making
19:15 - Prag
20:00 - Spite House
20:45 - White Walls
21:30 - Deep Heat

Saturday, April 19 - Black Wire
16:00 - doors
16:15 - Palmar Grasp
17:00 - Lenin Lennon
17:45 - Glory Hole
18:30 - Thorax
19:15 - Prag
20:00 - Spite House
20:45 - Deep Heat
21:30 - White Walls

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