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Goodbye Sunshine Festival

A festival which manages to pack every decent band in Sydney into one place on the same day? Yes, that would be delightful.

Well, this Saturday (TOMORROW!) it appears to be happening.

Last year this same festival was cancelled at the last minute. Apparently, it was because 'the fuzzzz' got word and closed in. This year it's all a little bit more secretive with the location details only given out on a person by person basis.

Line-up and playing times:

12:00 - Regular John
11:30 - Holy Soul
11:00 - Dead China Doll
10:30 - Straight Arrows
10:00 - Atrocities
09:30 - Ghosts of Television
09:00 - The Laurels
08:30 - Pets With Pets
08:00 - Talons
07:30 - The Process
07:00 - Kirin J. Calinan
06:30 - Dead Farmers
06:00 - Circle Pit
05:30 - Tired Hands

Entry will be FREE!

If you want the location of where the festival will be taking place hit up the cool kids in this thread.

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Straight Arrows
Ghosts Of Television
Dead China Doll
Dead Farmers


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Jonny Yes Yes

anyone else go?

I left sometime during The Laurels when I blew the backup safety pin that I had used when I blew the zipper on my fly...

the cops were coming down the drive way with sniffer dogs as I left - hopefully the whole party didn't get shut down..

PA problems sucked

1 decade ago


didn't go....

1 decade ago


hey, just giving an update of all the happenings. I heard nine people got arrested and, from what i can gather they didnt even have a warrant. Which is pretty fucked.

All up it was an amazing night, if I might say so myself. The crowd was chilled out and enthusiastic for the music, the bands were playing some of the best sets I have seen in a very long time, the crew worked hard to overcome an endless run of technical difficulties, and there will be more to come.

I am planning something with the bands that didn't play (we had to end at Ghosts of Television), a "day two", so to speak. It's still in the works, but that leaves Regular John, The Holy Soul, Dead China Doll, Straight Arrows and Atrocities. As with this one, details will be passed around as the date approaches.

I can understand why you blew your zipper/safety pin. The Laurels were off the hook.

hope you had fun

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

ha.. yeh .. i think my zipper blowing was caused by my over excitment about all of the awesome bands on offer..

yeh .. was awesome.. well organised and besides the small PA issues (and the cops coming down on it and breaking up good / honest / harmless fun...) it was blissful..
everytime i start to get all negative about the sydney music scene something like this comes along and completely restores my faith..

we actually told the cops that maybe they should go bust up a drug night club in the city or something.. and then we ran before they beat us down..

keep us posted on the day two plans.. [email protected] ... will be there with bells on...

1 decade ago


There is alot going on in Sydney at the moment. So many good people and good bands who have so much to offer artistically. Actual transcendental shit that only people who need music because they don't have very much else to rely on understand. That Blissful thing you spoke of, and that I felt too, because it felt REAL. Not Levis real. Not Vice real. Just real people doing what they love, because they love it.

Sydney sucks because it's industry structure has no soul. The people who organise stuff want payers more than they want anything else. And thats what they'll get, too. Good for them.

I certainly will let you know when other things are coming up.

Thanks for the kind words

1 decade ago

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