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Polaroids Of Androids


How To Guide: Xmasroiding 2014

Despite News Reports to the contrary, you're not legally bound to waste the last Saturday before Santa's big day fighting the crowds at your local mall and wasting your last pieces of fiscal strength on gifts for relatives that'll undoubtedly be recycled, re-gifted and ridiculed during January.

Don't be a bloody victim of Consumerism all your life!

Come and hang out and watch a bunch of this countries best musical operators at The 14th Annual Shambles Presents A Polaroids Of Xmasroids Circle Jerk.

The best of times! The playing of times!

13:30 - Milkk
14:15 - Sadfaces
15:00 - Power Moves
15:45 - Weak Boys
16:30 - Making
17:15 - You Beauty
18:00 - Bare Grillz
18:45 - Infinite Void
20:00 - SPOD + NRC
21:00 - Palms
22:00 - Peabody

Just have a look at all those bloody names!

Here's those same names in a more visual format!

But what do these names mean, if they even mean anything?

Do you mean, what do they sound like?


Give them a listen! Here are all ELEVEN musical acts melted into 30 easily digestible minutes, in the form of a megamix we constructed for our mates over at The Thousands Club.

But, can I be there now? (I really want to be there right now!)

You can't.

But you can pre-purchase tickets over here. This cash wormhole will be shut off on Friday evening. Tickets on the door will be $20.

Up-to-the-minute chatter about the event (and rugby league) over on The Facebook Event.

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