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Introducing: PoA Live

PoA Live is a new limb to the already awkwardly disproportional being that is Mr and/or Mrs Polaroids Of Androids. Born from an elegant womb that is attached to the belief that videos are the equivalent of at least a trillion words, PoA Live will feature a bunch of our favourite artists performing in-the-flesh at various locations in-and-around Sydney (and The World). The performances will be filmed, edited and "spiced up" by a bunch of talented folks and then broadcasted right down into your computer/brain via the wondrous Global Information Network. Thanks Mr Conroy.

It's a project we've been working really hard on pulling together for a while, made even harder by not really having the money to pay anyone involved.

So we want to thank the people who have volunteered their time and helped to get this happening — Justina Grubski, Tim Carr, Simon Todkill, Studios 301, and (of course) all the bands involved now and in the future.

We have some amazing artists lined up for PoA Live, but we also want to throw the door open to any other artists out there who we may never have heard of, or just forgot to ask to come and be a part of this. So if you want to have a few of your tunes recorded by the country's best producer, Tim Carr, and have the whole thing filmed for broadcast to trillions of people here at Polaroids of Androids then please send your details (and maybe a song or a link to some music) to [email protected].

And here's a few little sneak previews from the first episode of PoA Live...

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I would really like to meet the guitarist so I can have a long discussion about the joys & merits of having three delay pedals daisy chained.

9 years ago

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