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Is Circle Jerk back?

After the kind of 'indefinite hiatus' that would even make Silverchair blush (even more than having one of their wives destroy their 'legacy' on a reality television program), everyone's favourite Light Entertainment Evening, Circle Jerk, is set for a heroic return.

May 2. Put that in your diary. More importantly, right a note next to that specific date informing your Future Self that there's no need to stay in and watch Real Housewives re-runs that evening, as there's fun to be had. What kind of fun? Patience, mate, it's not just the name of the greatest female performer this nation has ever produced (sorry, Tina and Tina).

Wall-to-wall incredible line-up announcement and notoriously sexxxy poster coming soon. Subscribe and syndicate This Facebook Page for announcements.

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Wait! Tina Turner is 75? I reckon she'll die this year.

8 years ago

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