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Polaroids Of Androids


Is Tuesday the new Friday? Maybe.

Anzac Day is perfectly planted in the middle of this week to nicely break everything up and create another weekend out of nothing this Tuesday night.. and there are more than a few things going on. The Basics finish up the Sydney part of their month long tri-state residency at the Hopetoun Hotel, supported lovingly by Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers. That is a tempting offer - BUT at the Abercrombie Hotel there is a whole lot more action with The Straight Arrows, Cuthbert again (doubling up ..) and Richard In Your Mind and Papa Vs Pretty. Holy shittt that is crazy nice.

On Wednesday the Essential Festival is on at Surry Hills and, with some sort of dream line-up is very hard to ignore for any music loving guppy. At this point you might as well start drifting into the weekend - and there is no better way to do it than with the help of the lovely Sandwich Club kids and their end of the month show at Candy's Apartment.

Oh my.. it's not even the weekend yet.. and as you can see Friday night is crazy hectic as well with shows by My Disco, Youth Group and Midnight Juggernauts at different spots all over town - satisfying whatever your taste may be. If (and that's a fairly large IF) there is still juice in the tank by Saturday evening then it's going to be pretty hard to go past the Straight Arrows show at Newtown Hotel. I am dying to see this band in action and this seems like the perfect, strange, small venue where I want to see them (although Tuesday night at Abercrombie seems too good to be true)... Whoa.. better sleep up tonight kiddles, this could be a pretty darn bizzy week.

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