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LCD Soundsystem vs Franz Ferdinand vs Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!

An internal memo at our fictional headquearters highlighted the fact our 'audience' questioned our 'seriousness' and the number of the speak markers we use. In response here is an image that relates completely to the way WE as 'journalists' feel about 'this':


Ah bliss on a Wednesday.. Franz Ferdinand have covered the LCD Soundsystem track All My Friends. I, as with most cover versions, was a bit worried about this especially since I really like the original - definately my highlight off the LCD Soundsystem record - but the Scottish lads pull it off brilliantly. Tugging on my heart strings and such.

So I have been slacking on my subscription to 'Awesome Bands Coming From Radelaide' lately, somehow missing the greatness from youngsters, Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!. As you can see from their photo blog they are currently finishing off their new EP, Boy, Hush Yr Mouth. Grrl, Bare Your Teeth. and everything I have heard sounds awesome. Those that can't wait for the new stuff can download their first EP, You Seize The City, I'll Seize The Sky for FREE. Brilly-ant.

And for the less serious types - He-Man covering 4 Non Blondes.

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