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Leichhardt Council unanimously votes for investigation into Live Music & Cultural Precinct

Update (4pm): Sydney Morning Herald has picked up the story of last night's result, as well as outlined the next few stages in the process — ie. getting the support of NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard.

Dr Ianto Ware addressing council.

Politics. It's not all mud-slinging question times, toxic spills and spilt drinks in taxi cab backseats on the way to another brothel ("knock this one up as a expense Thomo"). Sometimes it's about action. And, last night, at the Leichhardt Council Town Hall, some serious politics and actioning happened.


The proposed plan is just an "investigation". That was made clear on the night. It's very (very!) early stages. The bright side: 100% of council members voted it in. The Green that hates Bob Carr, the dude with the little bobble pony tail who likes World Music, the lady that once lived next door to a pub which hosted bands. All of 'em.

You can read the four point plan from Mayor Darcy Byrne here. There's a slightly amendment version which (should) circulate in the next few days, with an inclusion of a line regarding live "European music" currently hosted at various Norton Street cafes and restaurants.

Some other key points from the meeting...

1. Mayor Byrne came across as extremely (and legitimately) passionate and honest, in both his opening address and his longer right-of-reply. I believed him.

2. Dr Ianto Ware, National Live Music Coordinator of Sounds Australia, spoke briefly. He's shorter in real life than his menacing press shots. No wonder Matt Banham seems so comfortable cyber-bullying him on Facebook.

3. I originally had a comparison to Ice Cube in that point above, because I was always under the impression that Mr Cube was only about 5'2". Turns out he's not that short. Old School Rap Trivia is on tonight at Good God. You might need that fact.

4. Matt Banham didn't speak. Thankfully. You should go buy one of Banham's new t-shirts though. Whatta fashion legend. Cash for comment.

5. That photo above is owned by Matt Banham Photography and used without permission.

6. Kirsty Brown, Executive Officer at MusicNSW, stated her organisation's unwavering support. Bloody good points in her address too. Kirsty, email me a copy of your speech? Thanks. Update (5pm): here's Kirsty's full speech. No doubt Mayor Byrne will should be poaching some of the more memorable one-liners for his own future speeches.

7. Craig Lyons, Certified "HECS Lord", requested the Tucker Bs and Further be inducted into the Municipal Hall of Fame. The "yahs" (and bloody-curdling screams of Playlord Celebration) had it.

8. A gent from Sydney Blues Society (sorry, didn't catch his name) called Parramatta Road an "embarrassment". He had an amazing head of hair.

9. There was a lot of talk about how Bob Carr destroyed live music by inventing pokie machines.

10. Tom from Black Wire used to take the ferry to Manly a lot when he was younger because he didn't want to play sports or take drugs.

11. People were cracking cans of Coke and Monster like it was a LAN party. Hopefully that's an issue addressed in future meetings.

12. "Nah, I was getting drunk at The Annandale", replied Mayor Byrne to a statement regarding something negative that happened 15 years ago. They ended up all agreeing it was probably Bob Carr's fault.

13. Some relevant points from The Resident, a lady who lives near the Annandale Hotel and has never lodged a complaint, but was concerned about the omission of "consultation with residents" from the Mayor's action plan. She also feared that venues in the "hub" could be subject to the same future legal issues of the Annandale Hotel if surrounding residents weren't at least involved in the planning discussions. Her concerns were addressed by several members and should be covered by the recently proposed "Good Neighbour" policy.

14. Rochelle Porteous, from The Greens, attempted to add a "blow up the pokies" amendment to the bill, but Byrne rejected it, saying something along the lines of "settle down mate". All twelve members of The Whitlam 5 were unavailable for comment.

15. Porteous also did some 'acting', pretending to think for a minute about who the political party was to blame for something.

16. Yep, it was Robert John "Bob" Carr.

17. I didn't hang around for the other agenda items — the "we support SLAM" add-on, the "Save The Annandale" add-on or the "win a dinner with Wayne Pearce" member badge draw — so if someone could provide a dot-point summary or a YouTube reply video that would be greatly appreciated.

18. The chicken karage at Fujiyama is still probably the best in the state.

Overall, it was an extremely positive discusion. Hopefully, I haven't trivialised that fact too much with the jesting tone here. Everyone, both members and "the public", were in agreeance that Parramatta Road is long overdue for it's booster shot of culture. From what I can find though, there's no currently timetable or for the investigation, or rough outline of when the results are expected, but fingers crossed legitimate action isn't too far off.

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