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Lil Wayne sideshows cancelled

Update (19:18): Refunds update from Ticketek.

After a few weeks of speculation Lil Wayne's scheduled November shows have now been officially canned.

According to the promoters this is simply an issue of "scheduling conflicts" and that he "will return in 2012 for his own solo headline arena tour". Obviously nothing to do with the fact his Visa Application is still pending and he's relying on Eddie McGuire's Knife School Program as a condition to gain entry into the country.

At the moment Wayne's still heading in Australia as the main support for the Eminem shows but we're predicting he'll also be pulled from that soon enough (which will inevitably be followed by some finger-pointing at the Federal Government and/or his new Wife). A Visa denial is a highly likely possibility as well considering he's still on prohibition and he was refused entry into the UK earlier in the year — and the Motherland is traditionally not as strict as us on these things. Turn back some boats and let the beat build. Bitch.

Ticket holders for the Lil Wayne shows are advised to contact Ticketek on 132 849.

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