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Little Newsroids: The Stabs, Faux Pas, Yes I'm Leaving

Just some easily digestible, lactose tolerant news tidbits to tie you over mate/s:

1. The Stabs have confirmed a Sydney show — their first in over 3 years — to celebrate the recent vinyl re-issues of Dirt and Dead Wood. August 17 for the diaries, Goodly God Smallish Club for the Tom Toms and about fifteen dollars for the wallet inspectors.

2. Electronic whizz, Metallica fanboy and Gotye weed-carrier mate, Faux Pas, has just released his entire back catalogue on his Bandcamp for FREE. Nope, not some pay-what-yer-want and then feel guilty for the rest of the day you put a big "0" next do the dollar sign, but legitimately FREE.

3. Yes I'm Leaving are playing at Jura Books on Friday. As close as you and I will ever get to having them play a private show in our living rooms, right?

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Shaun Tenzenmen

the books will be shaking off the shelves at Jura!

9 years ago

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