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Live blogging from Splendour In The Grass 2009

Way back in 2007 when the internet was just learning to walk we made history by becoming the first website EVER to 'live blog' something. The event was the Splendour In The Grass music festival and the results were pretty amazing.

In 2009, thanks to a little invention called 'Twitter', the whole game of updating a website from 'the field' has became a shitload easier.

This weekend, while you are sitting at home watching barbaric sporting events and/or enjoying a tasty live show we will be feeding you LIVE updates from this year's Splendour In The Grass via our two trusted reporters - Sir Arturo Kripy and Capt Angus The Ford Davis.

All of their Tweets (tech term) will be automatically pumped (sexual term) into our website and displayed on THIS PAGE. Be sure to keep your finger on the trigger/refresh button to maintain a solid level of entertainment as the broz will be feeding us little updates all through the weekend (or until they get too 'munted').

And for the uninitiated, here is a little background info on the two buccaneers who you will be spending your weekend with...


Sir Arturo Kripy
In 1971 Arturo founded a wonderful little website called Kripy dot com, which helped him set-up the world famous WIN @ Kripy.com email address. Building off the back of his solid rock n roll career with Hawaiian speed metal band Newt, Arturo (or A-Man to his close friends) now enjoys a solid life of lecturing to young-uns about the dangers of listening to excessive amounts of Midget.

Ford Davis

Capt Angus The Ford Davis
Angus (or Slutguts to his 'pals') was born and raised on the mean streets of 'Da Gong' where he quickly formed a reputation as a good for nuthin', glue-sniffing Weezer fanboy. He has since moved out of the limits of the steel city and can currently be found working 9 to 5 as a fairly important executive, part time t-shirt model and mail boy at a moderately successful viral media company. He was also one of the clever brains behind the hugely successful Twelve Major Chords web emporium, as well as being a 52% shareholder in up-n-coming DJ megastar duo The Undercutzz.

As well their full time 'jobs' as 'pioneers' of the 'music industry' the boyz also come together and compile wonderful little podcasts over at V Raw. Here is a recent photo of them in action, taken by the lovely ladd Daniel Boud...

V Raw broz

So, strap in, drop out and get ready for a weekend living vicariously through two of the raddest fellas to ever step forward and say 'yes, why not?' when asked if a 'fun' music website could pillage their exciting little Tweeterings. Enjoy the ride.

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uh oh. look out world!

1 decade ago


I can never wear that dress again.

1 decade ago


Great job on the liveblog guys.

1 decade ago

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