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Long weekend activities

What is it with long weekends that prompts venues to put on special events and kick out such awesome shows?

Tonight, there is a joint album launch for Kes and Sly Hats at the Hopetoun Hotel. With awesome supports in the form of Rand & Holland and The Garbage And The Flowers this is very much the pick of the night, especially if you enjoy your music melodic and 'soundscapy'. You can get in for $10 as well, which is only slightly more expensive than 'free'.

Tomorrow night (Sunday, for those that have lost me already) there are two awesome (mini) festivals going on. The South By Inner West Festival at Annandale Hotel may have an incredibly cheeeeeesy name, but it does also have a barrage of awesome bands playing - seven, in fact - all for the measly price of 20 shucks. The line-up includes The Panda Band, Cut Off Your Hands, Bright Yellow, Moscow Schoolboy and some other equally great bands.

If you get to the door at the Annandale Hotel and it's either sold out or you are $4 short of the entry fee, you can hitch-hike yourself over to Spectrum for the Upside Down Festival. You will be treated to a whole load of great bands, including Spod, Whitley, The Seabellies, Richard In Your Mind and a bucketload more.

If you're SUPER cheap and/or all your bills are due and/or you have been badly robbed DO NOT WORRY - there is still something for you. Over at the Hopetoun Hotel legendary indie rockers, Peabody, are showcasing their new line-up and songs. They will headline what is surely the greatest ever mish-mashed line-up of all time as they will be supported by one of our faved bands of Sydney Talons, as well as those delicious kids from Canberra, Soft Tigers. How much will this barrage of awesome set you back I hear you ask? You guessed it - ZERO dollars.

So with all that is on offer, there is no excuse to sit in front of the telebox this weekend despite the deadly weather, and watch re-runs of Miss Universe pageants. No matter how entertaining they are.

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