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Nah, it's cool guys, Circle Jerk is back

Relax mate/s, you can now (finally) take your peepers off This Space.

Just in case you missed his recent Snapchat Posting, the recently knighted, Sir Kee Jerkle, has announced that he'll be making his triumphant return on Friday, May 2nd, at his new home — The Imperial at Erskineville.

Just to ensure a more entertaining experience than his off-off-Broadway Shopping Centre completely unpromoted one-man-show "Jerk Does Sydney", he's also invited some talented mates along as well, including The Fighting League, You Beauty, Big Dingo and recently formed/named upstarts, Point Being.


In the wise words of Ringo Kelly — "after the party we can either go home or we can head along to the after party for more enlightening chin-wagging with fellow humans with similar life pursuits". The latter is always batter/better, and in this case that after party will feature two heavy-hitters from different baby-sitters — Teenage Mustache (aka Evan Hill from every band from Newcastle ever) and Austin "Power Moves", from Golden Blonde, but also very much from Power Moves.

Conveniently, The Imperial Hotel is located in Erskineville, which is just outside the Kingdom Of O'Farrell, thus the new sucker-punch-saving lockout restrictions are not applicable. Let's dance 'til Sunday.

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