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New Music Tuesday (part 2)

Our lovely friends over at the Sandwich Club today have put up a new song by The Paper Scissors. I remember hearing this new track, Yamanote Line, back in April at the Essential Festival and finding it instantly catchy, as well as with just a nice dash of emotion and sadness. You can buy the single (with 3 extra tracks) via Waterfront Records from June 9.

The new Spoon album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is out on July 10. Old news. Hell, even Triple J have latched onto that by now (zing), but what is new is the track The Underdog which you can stream and download via Pitchfork. We aren't as excited about it as they are, but there is no denying it's catchiness and will surely get a few people counting down the days until the album is in stores.

Electro kids, you haven't been forgotten. Bark Bark Bark is from Arizona, is 20 and makes music that is a little bit wacky. His new album is called Haunts and you can listen to the title track here.

And last, but far from least, The Black Keys have 'released' a FREE live ep for you kids to download via their MySpace page. They were recently in the country blowing people away with the awesome dirty rock, so for those people this is probably the perfect way to re-live the whole thing all over again.

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