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Noz vs Drake: No Thanks

Andrew Noz from Cocaine Blunts (ie. the Best Hip-hop Blog Eva) has put together a fairly harsh (but fair) assessment of Drake's debut album Thank Me Later:

The embodiment of that forced reality, Thank Me Later ricochets uncomfortably between half-baked rap and half-hearted R&B over a backdrop of hyper-sparse synth-hop. It's undoubtedly informed by Kanye's post-rap opus 808s & Heartbreak, except more polished and less compelling. Kanye's record was a one-off, honesty-fueled break-up freak-out, not a well-crafted statement of intent. Stripped-down self-seriousness isn't an experiment or a diversion for Drake; it's the whole of his aesthetic. His is a hip-hop devoid of both fun and truth.

Read the full review over at NPR.

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enjoying your ongoing drizzy coverage

1 decade ago

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